System Settings
Card Operations
Updated on 10/6/2017
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Before You Start

Before you begin configuring iikoCard5, make sure the respective license is available. In order to obtain the licence, please contact the iiko Sales Department or the partner from which you have purchased the system.

Main stages of the iikoCard5 system settings:

  1. If you have not yet registered in the iiko.biz platform, complete the registration process (for more information, see Registration at the iiko.biz portal).
  2. Install the POS server (for more information, see POS Server Installation).
  3. Set up connection to iikoCard5 system (for details, see iikoCard5 connection setup).
  4. Configure marketing programs at the iiko.biz portal (for more information, see Setup programs).
  5. Add a new payment type for funds accounting (for more information, see Create payment type).