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Updated on 10/6/2017
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Creating a Program

The program may contain several marketing actions with shared settings, for instance, duration and account type.

To create a new program:

  1. Enter the iiko.biz portal.
  2. Go to iikoCard5 > Programs.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Enter Program Name and Duration.
  5. Specify the program type. Some program types require creating a guest’s account and determine the settings. Select one of the options:
    • Discounts, gifts, combo (no account). The type is used to create a program for discounts, gifts or selling combos. A guest’s account within the program will not be created. You will not be able to check the account balance, top up the account and pay using the account funds from the program builder.
    • Monetary program. Use this type to create deposit programs and corporate catering programs. An account will be created for a guest or company which can be topped up and used to pay orders. The account balance is measured in currency, for instance, euro.
    • Bonus program Guests participating in this program will have an account created, which will be used to accumulate bonuses. A guest may use them to pay orders in full or in part. See Bonus Programme.
    • Food program A guest will have an account created to keep information on the number of meals rather than the amount money. Use this program to sell subscription-based products. See Example 3. Item subscription.
Once the program is created, you will not be able to change its type.
  1. As may be required, enter your Comments.
  2. Tick the Active item.
  3. Check the Send SMS to guests if balance change item so that your customers get notified if any top-ups or deductions from their account take place.
To be able to send texts, you have to purchase one of the SMS packages: iikoNotification 2000, iikoNotification 5000, iikoNotification 10000 (for details, see Billing). If no package purchased, your customers will not receive SMS notifications.

When you set up a corporate catering program for any company, its staff shall not receive account balance notifications. To cancel customer notification, disable the option.

  1. Click Save.
  2. If you create a program for a chain of restaurants, you can specify where it will be used. If a program shall work in all the chain outlets, check Program is active across all the chain outlets. If a program shall work in some of the outlets, uncheck the item and select the required organizations.

You can suspend the program by changing its status to inactive. For this:

  1. Go to the iikoCard5 > Programs section on the iiko.biz portal.
  2. Click Edit opposite to the selected program.
  3. On the newly opened page uncheck Active.
  4. Click Save.

To view inactive programs, check Show Inactive on the iikoCard5 > Programs page. A tick will be placed opposite to inactive programs in the Active column.

Combinations of programs

There might be a situation when a guest participates in several types of special offers at the same time: they may get a discount, pay an order using account funds. The sequence of their application affects the final order price.

As a general rule, programs are applied the following way:

  1. First, the guest is given a discount for a dish or order (discount programs and special prices).
  2. Then payment can either be made using bonuses that have been accumulated by the guest by the moment of payment (bonus programs).
  3. The funds are deducted from the guest's account after all the others (deposit or limit programs).