System Settings
Updated on 11/8/2018
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Global Settings

In the iikoCard5 settings, you may set global parameters of the system operation. For this:

  1. While at iiko.biz, go to iikoCard5 > Settings.
The iikoCard5 settings page is only available to a user that has the “Outlet setup” permission. A user has those organizations available, for which he or she has this permission enabled. For details, see User Permissions.
  1. Select an organization. iikoCard5 settings will apply only to the selected organization.
  2. In the Guest authentication field, specify how the system would recognize the guest:
  • By card. To authenticate a guest, you have to swipe his/her card or enter the card number. The search bar accepts only the card number.
  • By phone number. To authenticate a guest, you have to specify his/her telephone number. The search bar accepts only the phone number.
  • Face recognition on photo. When you register a new guest, you take a picture of him or her. The picture is saved by the system. When the guest visits your venue the next time, the system takes the picture again and use it to find the guest in the database. For this, set a camera on your cash register and paste <iikoCard5AllowPhoto>true</iikoCard5AllowPhoto> in the iikoFront configuration file - config.xml.
This setting applies to the Restaurant and Fast Food service modes. If used in the delivery service, iikoCard finds guests by the phone number.
  1. You are able to change a cash terminal password in the Connection parameters (only for iikoRMS < 5.1) block. It is used in the payment type settings to establish the connection between iikoRMS and iiko.biz (see Creating a Payment Type for version 5.0 and older).
  2. To protect your guests’ personal data like names, phone numbers and order history, check the Encrypt guest details on POS servers item. In this case, the database stored in the C:\Users\iikoCard5POS\AppData\Roaming\iiko directory will be encrypted.
  3. Click Save. It takes about a minute for the changes to apply.