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Updated on 11/8/2018
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Guests are visitors to your venue or employees of a company you provide catering service to, who take meals at your restaurant.

On iiko.biz you can add new guests to the reference book, manually top up or deduct funds on their accounts, and track their visits to your outlet.

To find the list of all guests to your venue, go to iikoCard5 > Guests.

The guest list is blank by default. To see the complete list, select an organization and press Update.

The list provides the following information on each guest:

  • Telephone - guest's phone number specified at the card registration.
  • Name - guest's name taken from the similar field of the guest's card.
  • Birth day - guest's date of birth.
  • Email - guest's email. It may be used for promotional emails, if the mailing list so set .
  • Card number - a registered card linked to the guest.
  • Comment - additional information specified in the guest's card.
  • Guest registration date - date and time of the guest's registration with iikoCard5 system.
  • Categories - list of guest categories.
  • Number of orders - number of orders made by the guest since his first visit.
  • Amount of all orders - the total amount of orders made by the guest since the first visit.
  • Average bill - total amount of all orders/number of orders.
  • Last visit - date of the last order made by the guest.
  • Date of the most recent promotional SMS - the most recent date when an ad message was sent to the guest subject to the mail out settings.

To find out about the guests taking part in a particular program, select the program in the Program field and click  Update.