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Updated on 10/6/2017
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POS Server Status

There might be a situation when a POS server is not able to sync with the iikoCard5 server. Let’s say you’ve changed some offer terms at iiko.biz but it didn’t work in iikoFront even after you had started an exchange with the main server manually.

You can learn why it happened on the POS server status monitoring page. Go to Administration > POS Status.

The system receives data only from POS servers version 34 and later.

The monitoring page is only available to users granted the “Outlet setup” permission. The table displays the companies for which users have this permission enabled. For more details, see Users.

You can obtain some other useful information on this page as well:

  • Which POS version is in use.
  • When the POS most recent update took place.
  • When the most recent syncing took place.
  • Company’s CrmId, etc.

The most recent data is given by default as per all available companies.

You are able to set your own criteria:

  1. To check the POS server status in one company only, select the company in the Organization field.
  2. To change the display period, select the time unit in the Most recent update field - days, hours or minutes and enter the number.
  3. Press Search.

Subject to the POS status, the lines will be highlighted in various colors:

  • Red - an error occurred during the exchange between the POS server and the main server. Details are given in the Most recent syncing error column. To test the connection, go to  iikoCard5 > iikoCard5 Settings and then to  Connectivity Diagnostics tab.
  • Yellow - POS server requires an update.

To export POS statuses to an Excel file, click Excel.