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Updated on 11/8/2018
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SMS and Email

By means of SMS and electronic mail, you can communicate with your guests. For example, inform about forthcoming special offers, send birthday congratulations and so on.

You can configure two types of message distribution in iikoCard5:

  • Periodic. Daily, weekly, or monthly distribution of messages.
  • Without periodic resending. The system sends messages to guests once at the preset day and time.

The message sending process is fully automatic; it is enough to set up the template and schedule once.

This option is only available for organisations with non-zero balance. Therefore, first, contact iiko sales department and purchase one of the SMS packages: iikoNotification 2000, iikoNotification 5000, iikoNotification 10000 (for details, see Billing). After this, you can begin to set up the template.

The template contains the message text, schedule, and parameters for selecting guests for the mailing. If you need to send messages of several different types, create an individual template for each of them.

To create the new mailing template:

  1. Go to the iikoCard5 > Mailing and SMS section.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter the template name, specify its period of validity and tick the Active item. Mandatory fields are marked by an asterisk ('*').
  1. To configure distribution without resending, skip the Schedule tab and go to §12 to input the message text. For how to add guests to such mailing list, see the Mailing list setup section.
  2. To configure the periodic distribution, go to the Schedule tab.
  3. Tick the Repeat Mailing item. Schedule parameters will become available to you, as well as guest selection criteria.
  4. Specify the regularity of mailing (every day, every week, every month).
  5. If you need to set up one-time (not periodical) mailing, set a high value in the Send the Same Guests, not More than Once a ... field, for example, 3000 days.
  6. To create a weekly mailing, you will need to additionally select days for message sending; for a monthly mailing, specify the day of the month for sending. If the 31st day of month is selected but the length of the month is 28-30 days, the mailing date will be automatically set to the last day of the month.
  7. Specify who should receive the messages.
  • Guests who have birthday. The message will contain congratulations. It should be noted that the birthday should be specified in the guest card.
  • Guests who last visited the store.
  • Guests with category. Here, you can choose categories you created and assigned earlier (for details, see Guest categories). You can send messages containing any text to such guests.

You can combine guest filters. For example, if you want to send birthday congratulations to VIP guests only, use the birthday filter and the VIP category filter.

The system sends messages only to those guests who meet all the set criteria.

  1. Save the changes.
  2. Prepare the mailing content. Enter text in the following tabs: SMS Text and Email Text. If you do not need any of the mailing types, simply do not add any text in the respective tab. The following macro substitutions can be used in the message:
    • {UserName} contains the guest name. If you insert it into the text, the addressee will receive a personal message.
    • {Reglink} is a link to the iiko registration page and account creation.
  1. Save the changes.

The mailing template setup is completed.

Message mailing results (who and when received them) can be found in a special report. To open the report:

  • Go to the section Mailing List > Mailing List Setup.
  • Choose the template you need in the list and click Edit next to it. On the template page, you will see brief email and SMS statistics.
  • For details, use the Detailed mailing report link. You can export the report to Excel or print it.