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Updated on 12/22/2017
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iikoFront 5.5

The directory includes guests who ever made any order in your outlet for a banquet, booked a table or ordered delivery. In the client’s card you may specify their general information, link a discount card, grant discounts or a price category.

To go to the reference book, select  | Guest list on the menu.

The guest reference book can be edited by the employee vested with the Edit guest reference book (F_GUEST) right.

To add a new guest, follow this:

  1. Go to the reference book ( | Guest list).
  2. Click New Guest.
  3. Specify details of the guest:
    1. Fill up the First name field.
    2. For the clients who made any reservations or ordered a banquet, enter their phone number. In this case, you might not have to enter a card number.
    3. If you issue a card to a guest, enter its number. All cards are unique, that is why you may not add two guests with the same card number. However, the following situations are possible:
  • If a card number has been found in the system, then, depending on its settings, Discount/Surcharge or Price category fields will be filled in automatically.
  • If there is no such card number in the system, then, after saving, there will be a new card created for this client, and its number registered. Select a discount/surcharge or price category for such card. If you leave these field blank, you will not be able to save this guest card.
    1. You may also select a discount or price category for the guest manually.
    2. Specify an email address in the Email field, and any additional information on the client.
  • To save the information, click OK.
  • If required, one may edit parameters of a client’s discount card by changing the discount/surcharge or assigning the price category.