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Updated on 12/22/2017
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iikoFront 5.5

Quick Support

You can get quick support from iiko by running the TeamViewer application from iikoFront advanced menu - click TeamViewer at the bottom of the screen. Here you can see a message containing tech support contacts and a description of interaction order with iiko staff. You will need an internet connection.

You can also do this in iikoOffice by going to Administration | Run TeamViewer.

The ability to run TeamViewer from iiko is regulated by the "Close application" (F_CA) right. Only the administrator has this right by default.

Emergency Situations

In iikoFront, the tools for dealing with emergency situations are available in the Advanced Features Menu: the button | Emergency operations.

If one of the cash terminals fails, the orders may be unavailable at other terminals. To force these locks to reset from the main cash register, use the Manual reset of locks operation. You need to select this operation and the terminal from the list, click Release a lock and confirm the operation.

You can perform an emergency data recovery on secondary cash terminals using Data recovery from main cash register. This will automatically restart iikoFront, create a backup of the EntitiesStorage folder (it will look like this: "EntitiesStorage 2012-02-20"), and the data will be loaded again from the server and the main cash register.

A terminal's emergency operations are recorded in the Event Log (as well as in the log files).

To run quick diagnostics of the terminal, click the version number in the title of the iikoFront screen (on the top left) or Status in the advanced menu. Terminal operation details will be displayed and can be copied to clipboard.