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Updated on 1/26/2018
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iikoOffice 5.5
Quick Menu

Quick menu - a list of meals that can be easily added to an order in one touch. Those might be best-selling items as well as meals that usually go together like beer and chips, hot chocolate and marshmallow, etc.

The quick menu can be one for the entire outlet or individual for each section. The contents of the quick menu may depend on the weekday. If the current day has its own quick menu set up, it will come into effect one minute from the beginning of the transaction day.

An employee may open and edit the quick menu if granted the “View quick menu” (B_QMENU) permission.

The quick menu window has three parts:

  • Organizational structure: groups and sections.   An exclamation mark icon means that the quick menu has not yet been created for the section or it has no items. This section will have a menu that has been previously configured for the entire group.
  • Three tabs of the quick menu. Each tab has a name and contains 24 cells. Each cell may have only one item or a stock list group.
  • Price list in the form of list. By default, the entire stock list is given here. To see only those items that are currently on sale, check the Show only products, included in menu item. In this case, the list will contain the items that have been included in the menu under the order or that have the Place of sales set up in the stock list card.

To set up the quick menu for your outlet, follow this:

  1. Go to Price List > Quick Menu.
  2. Select the outlet name in the organizational structure.
  3. If the menu changes during the week, check the Day-specific menu item and specify the weekday.
  4. Select the first tab and specify its name. For this, click Rename selected tab in the shortcut menu of the tab.
  5. Put a meal in a cell of the quick menu. You can do it in two ways:
    • Drag an item from the complete price list and drop it in the cell.
    • Select the cell of the quick menu and double-click the name of a meal in the complete price list.
  6. The appearance of the item key in the quick menu depends on preferences set in the stock list card on the Additional information tab. One is able to set up the key background color and name in the very quick menu. For this, click Change color in the shortcut menu of a cell and specify other colors.
  7. In case of any mistake, click Clear current item in the shortcut menu of a cell. To clear all cells in the selected tab, click Clear current page.
  8. If you have to customize, for instance, the Monday menu but you have it the same on Wednesday, copy it instead of creating a new one. For this:
    1. Select the weekday to copy.
    2. Click  Actions > Copy menu to another day of week.
    3. Check the days where this menu should be copied.
    4. Click Apply.
  9. Click Save.

To create the  quick menu for a section, follow this:

  1. Select the required section in the organizational structure.
  2. In the new window:
    1. Check the Copy existing menu item to create a quick menu based on the existing one, and select a section to copy. Then click Create .
    2. If you need to create a new quick menu for this section, just click Create .
  3. Set up the quick menu for a section the same way you do it for the entire outlet and save it.

If a quick menu for a section has been created by mistake, select this section and delete its quick menu by clicking Delete menu. You cannot delete a shared quick menu created for the entire outlet, you may only edit it.

If a section menu is the same as the menu of an outlet or another section:

  1. In the shortcut menu of a section, select the Copy menu from or Copy menu to item.
  2. In the appearing window, select the source menu and the destination menu.
  3. Click Copy.
The quick menu may include meals that are currently not on sale. A meal may be discontinued under a price change order or its card may not have a place of sale specified. Such meals have an exclamation mark in their quick menu cells, and will not appear in the iikoFront menu.